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Carmelo Sant Group take pride in continual efforts in innovating and expanding the range of services that we offer. All the solutions we provide are designed to address the unique needs and problems of our clients.

Stormwater in Urban Settings

Urban settings feature a wide range of hard surfaces including roads, roofs, and footpaths that block rain from soaking into the ground. The water that flows on these surfaces after rain is what makes up stormwater. It can often flow from property drains to street gutters run by local councils. These drains often connect to large channels, creeks, and pipes, forming the trunk drainage system.

Stormwater is a valuable resource that has an impact on the sustainability, livability, and resilience of urban areas. At Carmelo Sant Group, our stormwater works services are focused on:

  • Improving the health of waterways
  • Protecting properties and people from flooding
  • Creating opportunities for stormwater re-usage

At Carmelo Sant Group, we can help you make a proper assessment and handle your stormwater works. For more information about our services, feel free to contact us at 1300 315 264 or write to us.

We are a fully licensed & insured company

Experienced Stormwater Contractors

We have over a decade of industry experience. Our vast experience and proven track record will provide you with confidence in our services. We are fully accredited to handle all types of Sydney Water stormwater works. We also have experience working with councils in connecting new developments to the existing stormwater network or relocating easements.

Managing Stormwater Drainage

It is a commonly asked question as to who is responsible for stormwater drainage. It will eventually come down to the location of the stormwater drain.

  • Private Property: If there is stormwater drainage on your property, it is your responsibility. This includes maintenance of all the pipes on your property up to the point where it connects to the water main. If there is any runoff on your property that includes any potential pollutants, again it is your responsibility.
  • Public Property: Once stormwater has left your property while meeting all the regulations and guidelines, it is Sydney Water and local councils that are responsible for stormwater drainage.