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Carmelo Sant Group is a Sydney Water-accredited major works contractor. We are fully licensed and insured and have over 10 years of industry experience. We specialize in all types of Sydney Water major works for potable water and stormwater sewer. If you seek a licensed, experienced, and insured major works contractor with experience in managing large projects for Sydney Water, you can completely rely on our expertise.

Our team comprises major works specialists who are equipped with the latest equipment and tools for completing water major works in accordance with Sydney Water guidelines. We have the qualifications, capabilities, and experience required for completing projects on time.

Our Sydney Water Major Works Services

We are a recognized Sydney Water Major Works contractor with vast experience in plumbing, concreting, pipelaying, and all industry trades throughout the Sydney region for all types of water major works for potable water, sewer, and stormwater.

Our Sydney Water Major Works services include:

  • Sewer relocation & diversion
  • Construct manholes
  • Constructing sewer main (pressure & gravity)
  • Construction works for Sydney Water stormwater
  • Constructing & relocating watermain

We are a fully licensed & insured company

Water Major Works Project Management & Quality Assurance

Every construction project is assigned a project manager. We have all the essential public QMS certifications and liability insurances required to be a Sydney Water major works contractor. Our project management and quality assurance services address all your project requirements. This includes:

  • Coordinating the construction commencement phase
  • Organizing inspections needed by the Sydney Water or WSC
  • Liaising with Sydney Water/Sydney Water Representatives while the project is in progress
  • Submitting relevant Project Quality Assurance paperwork and Insurances. This includes the Safe Work Methods Statement, Incident Management Plan, Construction Management Plan, and Environmental Management Plan
  • Conduct on-site toolbox talks when essential and in accordance with the Sydney Water Major Works Contractor’s standards/client internal policies
  • Site/desktop investigation of underground utility services including existing mains.
  • Site supervision, pro-active problem solving, and level checks
  • Essential site visits/meetings.

Our Team & Services

Our certified and experienced site crew and foremen are well trained and equipped to handle all sorts of Sydney Water Major Works tasks. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Taking safety measures for the site
  • Taking all measures relevant for confined space projects, including gas detection
  • Taking care of service location and marking all existing services. We have our own service locating team.
  • Installing signs for trafficable roads
  • Organizing traffic control managing companies
  • Floatage in/out of all essential tools, equipment, and plants
  • Supplying all required components and fittings
  • Performing all excavation, shoring, or benching of trenches with the right excavators based on the project size and accessibility
  • Backfilling and compaction of trenches
  • Supplying and transporting backfilling materials
  • Temporarily restoring any roads/footpath surfaces that have been disturbed
  • Organizing all essential testing in compliance with Sydney Water’s standard

When you choose Carmelo Sant Group for your Sydney Water Major Works projects, you will be dealing with a fully licensed, insured, and reliable contractor. Our experienced and qualified tradesmen are highly reliable, friendly, and capable of finishing all projects on time. You can choose our services for all kinds of minor and major water works including cold water mains, warm/hot water return systems, greywater, recycled, or reclaimed systems, sanitary plumbing, gas services, hot water manifold systems, and more.

We hold all the essential Sydney Water accreditations including S1 Sewerage Reticulation DN 150-300, S2 Sewerage Standard DN 375-750, D1 Water Service Connections (Driller), W1 Water Reticulation DN 100-375, and MS Minor Works. For more information about our services feel free to contact us at 1300 315 264 or send us a message.