Sydney Water Major & Minor Work Contractors

Our design and construction departments take pride in providing reliable, competitively priced, and quality services to our clients.

Experienced Coordination & Construction

Fully Licensed & insured Sydney Water Accredited Contractor. We handle your wastewater and stormwater works.

Sydney Water Major Works

We are a recognized Sydney Water Major Works contractor with vast experience in plumbing, concreting, pipelaying, and all industry trades throughout the Sydney region for all types of water major works for potable water, sewer, and stormwater.

Sydney Water Minor Works

Our services include domestic cold water mains, hot/warm water return systems, reclaimed, recycled, and greywater systems, gas services, hot water manifold systems, drainage, subsoil pump systems, sewer pits, and sanitary plumbing among others.

Stormwater Works

We are fully accredited to handle all types of Sydney Water stormwater works. We also have experience working with councils in connecting new developments to the existing stormwater network.

Sydney Water accredited Constructors

At Carmelo Sant Group, we provide Sydney Water service coordinator and contractor services for your projects of all scales and types. We specialize in Sydney Water’s infrastructures and will be by your side from the initial design and conception phases to the construction and completion stages. We have over a decade of industry experience and we are a Sydney Water Contractor.

Experienced Sydney Water Constructors

Our team consists of experts with several decades of experience in the industry. Our design and construction departments take pride in providing reliable, competitively priced, and quality services to our clients. Our services also include hydraulic assets location. Also referred to as peg out reports, these are often required during the initial stages to being the Sydney Water approval process.
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Building it right

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Professional Coordination & Construction

As part of the Building Plan Application, our coordination department can help you determine if an existing sewer can get affected by a new proposed structure such as a pool or building. Our clients include homeowners, pool and granny flat builders, project development firms, major construction firms, and state authorities.

Our clients can take advantage of all our services. Our experienced team has extensive knowledge and is capable of delivering our services as Sydney Water service coordinators for all the design, project management, and inspection services and as Sydney Water accredited contractors for the construction part of the projects.

Fully Equipped for Major & Minor Works

At Carmelo Sant Group, we are fully equipped to handle all types of Sydney Water’s Major and Minor Works including water services, concrete encasements of sewer, and more in accordance with the regulations and guidelines. We are fully licensed and hold public liability insurances while maintaining our certifications.
We take pride in our capabilities and reputation in providing reliable and professional services to all the suburbs of Sydney. When you choose our services, you are assured of efficient and timely work from a fully insured and accredited Sydney Water service coordinator and contractor. Our team comprises extraordinary tradesmen who will carefully listen to your needs, provide reliable and quality services, complete the job on time, and will clean up before leaving.

Why Choose Us

As a Sydney Water accredited contractor, you can be assured about our qualifications to undertake our services. This includes:
  • Water reticulation
  • Sewerage reticulation
  • Concrete Encasements
  • Sewer access chambers
  • Junctions and sidelines
  • Sewer rising mains
Rely on Our Services

As a client, you can rely on our services for all types of Sydney Water major and minor works. We are licensed to take care of connecting your home or business to water or sewer mains. Our Sydney Water accreditations include:

  • S1 Sewerage Reticulation DN 150-300
  • W1 Water Reticulation DN 100-375
  • S2 Sewerage Standard DN 375-750
  • D1 Water Service Connections (Driller)
  • MS Minor Works
More Reasons to Choose us

There are many more reasons for choosing us:

  • We have over 10 years of industry experience
  • We have completed thousands of projects
  • No project is too big or too small for us
  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • Our accreditation is testimony to the safety and quality of our works

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